Roll-o-Matic’s Apron line is designed for production of aprons on rolls in 1 or 2 lanes. It is possible to run in-line with an extruder, or out-of-line, from an unwinder. The configuration includes a rotary punching module with extractor, for cutting the pattern and removing the cut-out waste, and a winder for production in 1 or 2 lanes.


Cutting is done by flexible dies fixed in a magnetic roller, which makes it is easy to change to other cutting patterns of mirror the pattern. With Roll-o-Matic’s patented motorized die adjustment system, you can adjust the dies with 1-micron precision without stopping the line.


You can equip your line with several optional features: if you want to produce printed aprons, it is possible to add print registration to the line, so the printing will be placed correctly. The rolls can be wound on cores or coreless, and the finished rolls can be labelled with paper tape or packed in pre-printed PE sleeves.

Apron Line