Since 1989 Mamata offers machines for the flexible packaging industry.

Their main production is in India in Ahmedabad, and two facilities are situated in the USA.

They have more then 3000 machines installed around the world.

Mamata provides machines for production of  :

  • stand-up pouches with or without zipper, pet food pouches, three side seal pouches, central seal pouches.
  • wicket bags for bread and chicken
  • security envelopes,currier bags, duty free bags, bubble film envelopes,
  • soft loop and patch handle shoppers (glued and sealed)
  • hygiene product bags such us bags for diapers, toilet paper etc.
  • medical bags for sterilization
  • non-woven bags and woven bags
  • flower and candy cones
  • flat bottom bags

Mamata has also in its offer the packaging machines for nuts, candies etc.

On the same machine you can prepare pouch with or without zipper, filled it in with product, check the bag and seal it, and finally deliver closed pouch into the carton box.

Configuration where the spout is sealed in into pouch in-line is also available.

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